Classic Scissor Cut Short Back & Sides Men's Haircut

Classic Scissor Cut Short Back & Sides Men's Haircut

With fades often dominating modern styles, sometimes it's nice to go back to basics with a classic style!

Here's how to get this classic scissor cut short back & sides men's haircut.

Get the cut

This cut is a very simple one to ask for, and one that most barbers will know. It's a classic men's scissor cut haircut.

Ask your barber to scissor cut the back and sides to a short length.

You want this look to have no scalp exposure, so no #0 or 1 guards on the clippers. As a comparison, the length of the back and sides is probably around a #6 or 7 on a clipper guard.

You want the back to have a classic taper faded out into nothing at the back, with the hairline and around the ears left natural with just a neat tidy up.

Classic Scissor Cut Short Back & Sides Men's Haircut

On top you'll need just enough length to brush over, giving a very simple and low maintenance style for you when styling in the morning.

The uniform finish of this look will make it easier to style into other styles, so you can get 2 or 3 looks from 1 style (more on this in the video below).

Get your barber to add texture to the hair to take out thickness and make it easier for you to style day to day.

Show your barber these pictures

Classic Scissor Cut Short Back & Sides Men's Haircut

One side of the scissor cut haircut.

Classic Scissor Cut Short Back & Sides Men's Haircut

The brushed over fringe and other side.

Styling the haircut

To style the classic scissor cut men's haircut just simply follow the 5 easy steps below -

If you want to see the styling in action skip to 14:41 in the video at the bottom of the page.

Step 1

Use a hairdryer on a medium speed and medium heat, and your fingers to dry into a style.

Step 2

Press the cool setting on the hairdryer to blast the hair cold. This helps to set the hair in place.

Step 3

Work a pea sized amount of the Regal Gentleman Matte Clay thoroughly into your hands.

Step 4

Work the product through from back to front. Spreading evenly throughout the hair.

Step 5

Use just your fingers to shape as desired if you want to wear it messier. Or use a comb after if you want it slightly neater.



Classic Scissor Cut Short Back & Sides Men's Haircut

Product You'll Need To Style

Regal Gentleman Matte Clay

Matte Clay - Regal Gentleman

Watch the video

You can the see the full haircut and styling using the Regal Gentleman Matte Clay with Dan Gregory below. 

Dan is a freelance barber based in London with over 1 million views on the Regal Gentleman YouTube channel, and was named GQ's best barber in London, along with Evening Standard's Best Gentlemen's Hairdresser.