Wavy Quiff Mid Skin Fade Haircut

Wavy Quiff Mid Skin Fade Haircut

We love this hairstyle to for showcasing the length on top, and showing off natural texture in the hair.

Here's how to get this wavy mid skin fade quiff haircut -

Get the cut

This haircut works great for wavy or curly hair, or hair with lots of natural movement and texture.

You want to leave plenty of length on top, with enough length through the fringe to have it pushed up.

The most important part of this haircut is to break up the natural curls and texture, so ask your barber to add lots of "texture" throughout. This will make it much simpler to style for you at home, making it easier to get your fingers through.

Wavy Quiff Mid Skin Fade Haircut

On the back and sides, ask for a mid to high skin fade, with it dropped down slightly towards the back.

The short length on the back and sides will be a nice variation that will really showcase all of the length and texture on top.

You'll the want it styled in a quiff with the front styled across into the middle.

Show your barber these pictures

Your barber will appreciate you showing them a picture, it's a much easier way to communicate! Show them the below images.

Wavy Quiff Mid Skin Fade Haircut

Clear shot of the top and sides.

Wavy Quiff Mid Skin Fade Haircut

A closer look at the sides of the haircut.

Styling the haircut

To style the wavy quiff mid skin fade haircut just simply follow the 6 easy steps below -

If you want to see the styling in action skip to 19:56 in the video at the bottom of the page.

Step 1

Optional - Start by adding the Regal Gentleman Salt Spray (coming soon) to bring out texture.

Step 2

Use a hairdryer on a medium speed and medium heat, and a round brush, to bring out the waves and curls.

Step 3

Roll the round brush around the fringe while blow drying to add height. Finish with the cool setting on the hairdryer.

Step 4

Work a pea sized amount of the Regal Gentleman Matte Clay thoroughly into your hands.

Step 5

Work the product through from back to front. Spreading evenly throughout the hair.

Step 6

Use your fingers to shape as desired. Don't worry about getting this perfect, do this quickly!

Wavy Quiff Mid Skin Fade Haircut

Product You'll Need To Style

Regal Gentleman Matte Clay

Matte Clay - Regal Gentleman

Watch the video

You can the see the full haircut and styling using the Regal Gentleman Matte Clay with Dan Gregory below. 

Dan is a freelance barber based in London with over 1 million views on the Regal Gentleman YouTube channel, and was named GQ's best barber in London, along with Evening Standard's Best Gentlemen's Hairdresser.