About Regal Gentleman



“To help without expectation, and make some friends along the way.”


This is what we base all of our decisions on, no matter how big or how small. We chose this mission as we want to make a change to the way people do business. We've had enough of people just taking our money and not caring about us, so we want to bring that same attitude of taking this away from business to Regal Gentleman. We believe that by putting our focus wholly into your experience and into just helping you without any expectation from you at all that we can do this!

By having this set in stone as our mission, we believe that it will improve this experience a lot for you. It means that we want to do our best to help you, to be there for you when you have any questions, and not just take money from your wallets. We want to guide you through your grooming journey, whether that means buying with us, buying elsewhere or not buying at all. We will always be 100% honest with you and give you the best advice we possibly can. If we can't answer your questions then we will seek to find someone that can for you. And then hopefully we can also make some of you our good friends (if we're lucky).



Regal Gentleman was formed in early 2014 by two then 20 year olds and best friends; Josh Blackburn and Liam Jennings, both from London. After getting the idea from visiting a barber shop, it quickly became very clear to us that there was a need for an online male grooming retailer, giving the modern day gentleman a one stop grooming hub for all his grooming needs. After many late nights and early starts Regal Gentleman was born.

We had the idea to be different because not only did we aim to provide you with the very best products but also the very best advice on how to use those products, whether they are in fact the right products for you and whether it will suit your grooming needs and routine.



We decided to change our focus as of late 2015 to focus solely on helping you and giving the best experience possible. If we're being honest early on, being new to business, both of us focused a lot on sales and not on the simple concept of just making everything about you. This was our error, and being new to business we just went along with what we saw everyone else doing, it wasn't that it didn't work but it wasn't good enough and that was not us.

So now, Regal Gentleman is us, it's the personalities of both of us, and it's focused on helping without expectation and making friends along the way. We hope that now Regal Gentleman is something that both us, our team and every single one of you can be proud to be involved with.




We have agreed on a series of promises that we will to give to you in every experience you have with Regal Gentleman.

We agree to -

- Provide amazing products that we would buy & use

- Put a touch of us, into everything we do

- Listen to what you want, and do our best to deliver

- Make every experience with us the best it can be

- Continually seek to improve the experience for you

- Make it easy for you to get an answer to all your grooming questions

- Give open & honest advice at all times

- Create content that we believe will benefit you the most

- Give you a platform to share your male grooming experience

- Create long lasting relationships with you, our community


“I hope during this journey, that we not only provide a platform for customers to buy great products and get informative advice,  but also to create a lifestyle that can inspire people to be the best they can be” - Josh



You, our friends, are what keep Regal Gentleman going. That truly means the world to us. We are here to guide you along your grooming routine and help you as your style and grooming needs change. We are such huge fans of our friends photos, and each one will be seen by us personally. So please share your photos with us on Instagram, Twitter and Facebook with #RegalGentleman.


“Our friends and everyone that get on board with the things we do are everything to us. People like Stevie D, Michael Simpson, John Burton, Sam Shaw, Mark Wolstenholme, just to name a few. Their pride in getting involved with Regal Gentleman, make us proud that we started this” - Liam




1. Help without expectation

2. Go the extra mile

3. Be humble

4. Embrace your imagination

5. Commit to self-improvement every day

6. Be open to change

7. Build open & positive relationships

8. Take 100% responsibility


We hope you enjoy Regal Gentleman!

Josh & Liam

Regal Gentleman.