How to shave like James Bond


As Spectre launches, we take a look at Bond's shaving routine. Bond, to us, is not a man who should be using an electric shaver, although Pierce Brosnan used one of these, in Die Another Day. 007 is an old school gentleman and, as shown by Daniel Craig in Skyfall, he sticks to a classic shaving routine. We take a look at 4 things you need for the ultimate Bond shave (Excluding Moneypenny. But, it would be nice if we all had a Bond girl to give us a shave, wouldn't it?).


1. Straight Razor

The straight razor is the tool of the old school gent, and after the movie Skyfall, these once again became popular amongst younger shavers. Perhaps, better known as the weapon of Sweeney Todd, the straight razor can give your face a closer, smoother shave. Before Gillette came to prominence the straight razor, was the most popular razor, and is still used by many a gent today, although far less common. Be sure to hone your skills before using a cut-throat, to avoid looking like one of the aforementioned Sweeney Todd's victims. We've found a video for you to watch below.

2. Shaving Brush

The shaving brush has been used in Bond movies by both Daniel Craig and Sean Connery. Now, some may think of a Shoreditch barbers when they think where they have seen a shaving brush in action, but the shaving brush is a tool which can help to give you a better shave at home too. A shaving brush helps to lifts the hairs and prepares the skin for a razor. To use just wet the shaving brush with warm water and create a creamy lather with your shaving cream before applying to the skin.

3. Shaving Cream Bowl

The shaving cream bowl is another shaving tool that was used by generations of gents before us, but it's use had died out amongst the masses with the introduction of cheaper shaving foams. However, to ours and Mr. Bond's pleasure, the shaving cream is making a comeback as gents start to increase their time spent in the bathroom, to the benefit of their skin. Always look carefully at ingredients in your shaving cream, and choose one which is right for your skin. We'd also suggest pairing your shaving cream with a brush, to give you the ultimate shaving experience.


4. Aftershave

Although we don't actually see Bond using an aftershave balm or cream, you can guarantee by his silky smooth skin that he does use one. We always say this, but it would be a shame if you let your great shave go to waste, by not looking after your skin post shave. Ultimately, you will have just taken a blade to your face and that means you need to help repair and soothe your skin. Now Bond may be able to fight off any Russian spy, but even he cannot use a razor without the need for taking care of his skin post shave.