6 Best Barbers Near Liverpool Street & Shoreditch

We've previously brought you our 10 Best Barbershops in London, but this time wanted to narrow that down a bit and bring you 6 of the Best Barbers Near Liverpool Street & Shoreditch. As 2 gents who always used to work in the city, the Liverpool Street / Central London area is a place we've been getting our haircut for years (these are all barbershops we've actually been to personally also - whether for our videos or before).

1. Ruffians

Richard Tucker is one of best barbers we've worked with and Ruffians is a cool shop that feels like you're stepping into someone's trendy London apartment. Regularly voted as one of the best barbershops in London, it's one where you're guaranteed to get a great cut. Prices do start at £50 though and we know this may put some of you off, so there are some cheaper options available in here too. However, if you are fine with splashing that sort of cash for a cut, we would 100% recommend Ruffians.

2. Nomad Barber

The Nomad Barber himself is one of the best known barber's out there, with over 100k subscribers to his YouTube channel, and his store is just as good as you'd expect from him. You walk into a cool Shoreditch space, and with one of the best teams of barbers anywhere in London. Prices start at £35. Heads up for those last minute gents - these guys are so popular they're often all fully booked out, so be sure to book in advance!


3. Bucks Barbers

6 Of The Best Barbers Near Liverpool Street & Shoreditch | Best Barbershops

Bucks Barbers is one of just 2 on this list that we're yet to use for our haircut videos, but expect to see one soon. Bucks has a great team of barbers and regularly post great new haircuts to their Instagram page. Just a short walk from Liverpool Street station down to Shoreditch, it's a very easy place to find.

4. Murdock London

Another one at the higher priced end of the list, but one where you'll get an amazing experience that will leave you feeling fresh for work or your big night out. You may be more no nonsense like us and just want a haircut for under £30-35, but if you do want the added extras then Murdock will definitely be for you. Prices start at £45.

5. Cuts and Bruises Barbershop

Cuts and Bruises is not technically "near" Liverpool Street, but it's a very short train ride and another short walk. If you have a bit of extra time on your lunch break or after work then the travel will definitely be worth it. Based in Stoke Newington, Cuts and Bruises is one of the coolest shops we've seen and with some of the best faders in the game, we would 100% recommend it. Prices start at £26 for a haircut.

6. Pall Mall Barbers Bishopgate

6 Of The Best Barbers Near Liverpool Street & Shoreditch | Best Barbershops

Probably your shortest journey from Liverpool Street is Pall Mall Barbers. Liam used to use this regularly when he worked in Heron Tower and at Pall Mall they are the masters of the smart workplace cut. Prices start at £27 for a haircut - so very affordable too for the heart of London.

It's all really dependent on price you want to pay and the different types of experience you want may to have. But these are all amazing barbershops that will give you a great haircut. Do not let the fact that one is £50 and one is £26 let you judge and think that just because it's £50 it's better. From our experience this is not always the best way to judge - they are all amazing barbershops!