How To Get The Daniel Craig Haircut

There aren't many better style inspirations than 007 himself, Daniel Craig. And while another style icon in Idris Elba has been hotly tipped to replace him at the helm, Craig still remains as one of our favourite Bond's to date and we'll be sad to see him go.

As James Bond, and in real life, he very rarely moves away from one staple hairstyle, just varying it up with different lengths at times. So what is the Daniel Craig haircut and how can you style it?

Daniel Craig Haircut


What Is The Daniel Craig Haircut?

The Daniel Craig haircut can be given a few different names, but it's essentially a short back and sides with a cropped textured top. This could also be called an ivy league haircut, similar to the cut you often see Ryan Gosling with. Daniel Craig always wears his haircut heavily textured, which is especially great for gents with fine or thinning hair.


How To Ask Your Barber For The Daniel Craig Haircut

Daniel Craig wears the same style pretty much all the time, it's just sometimes longer or shorter. To get the Daniel Craig haircut ask your barber to take the sides down to around a #3-4, you want this short but not at a point you can see the scalp. You could also have the back and sides scissor cut or cut with clipper over comb (no guard) for a more personalised finish to the cut. You want the top of the sides to have just enough length in them that they can be worn in a natural side parting, like Craig sometimes does.

Get the top to be taken down to around 1-2 inches with slightly more length left in the fringe area. Then for the most important part of the Daniel Craig look, get your barber to add loads of texture throughout the haircut using techniques such as point cutting. This is what gives the hair the messier, choppier look that you see on Daniel Craig's hair.


Styling The Daniel Craig Hairstyle

To style the Daniel Craig hairstyle you want to use products with a matte finish or low shine. He very rarely wears his haircuts with a slicked look, and always keeps them looking natural. Get yourself a matte finish product like the Regal Gentleman Matte Clay or a paste, that adds plenty of texture to the hair and keeps the hair's natural appearance.