What To Do With Your Hair During Quarantine

Coronavirus and social distancing means that barbershops have closed all over the world.

While there are bigger problems than how your hair looks at the moment, there's nothing wrong with trying to make yourself feel better in these uncertain times.

So here are the four things you can do with your hair during Coronavirus quarantine.

What To Do With Your Hair - Coronavirus Lockdown

What To Do With Your Hair During Coronavirus Quarantine

1) Buzz It Off

Footballers up and down the globe have been taking to shaving their hair off. We've seen it with everyone from Paul Pogba to Anthony Martial to Eden Hazard, and even hair icon David Beckham has taken the leap again.

Buzzing your hair off will work for people who aren't too bothered about having hair for these next few weeks/months, and want something really easy to get up and go with. It's also hygenic as having no hair means less to wash!

Of course this is by far the easiest way to give yourself a decent haircut at home, without needing much skill at all. If you really are confident then you can try to give yourself a fade or leave the top slightly longer to add an element of style to the cut, but for most of you just go for one length all over using your clipper guards.

Start longer and work down to avoid going too short at first. Something around a #5 guard (16mm) is a good place to start! That's the length used in the video below.

In the UK we've experienced some great weather, so if you want to get that summer cut early then buzzing it off shouldn't be too much trouble for you.

2) Let It Grow

This could finally be the time to let your hair grow without getting to that awkward phase, and reverting back to your usual haircut. Letting it grow will give your barber the most to work with, meaning that if you're looking for a new haircut then once we get out of this you'll have a lot more hair for your barber to "transform".

Be aware that hair doesn't grow into a stylish shape for most of us, so it will likely lead to a month or two of not liking your hair as much, but if you're in lockdown then there won't be a better time for you to have some patience with it. If you can't grow it now, then you're probably never going to!

By the way if you're from London, we're going to running a transformation series when things are safe again. To get involved sign up via our normal route here, and we'll get back to you via email with the details.

Read our top tips for how to grow out your hair here. You never know you may even end up liking the length, without needing too much off!

3) Get Someone At Home To Cut It

Our classic scissor cut video (the video below) has received A LOT of attention over this period, with hundreds of you commenting and messaging us from it, so we know firsthand that a lot of people are taking the leap and learning how to cut men's hair at home.

Just make sure to go for something relatively simple. Skin fades and layers are probably out of the question. Just go for a simple short back and sides or a tidy up.

This requires a lot of trust in your quarantine partner, but if you're brave enough, then why not go for it. Make sure you get them to watch a few videos at home first, so that they feel somewhat confident.

We recently helped someone cut hair live at home on our YouTube channel, and our resident barber, Dan Gregory, gave some amazing simple tips for cutting hair at home.

4) Tidy Up The Edges

Possibly the simplest, and less damaging way to cut your hair is to just tidy up around the neck and ears.

We all grow that awkward hair on the back of our neck, and grow some extra millimetres over the ears, and you'll be surprised how much difference just getting rid of that can make.

So if you're looking for something very simple that can be done at home, just get rid of any hair that isn't meant to be there. This means removing that ear that hangs over your ears and the hair that is slowly moving further down your neck.