How To Get David Beckham's New Shorter & Textured Haircut

by Richard Tucker January 31, 2018

How To Get David Beckham's New Shorter & Textured Haircut

Good news for everyone who didn't fancy growing their hair long, the hair icon that is David Beckham has unveiled a new shorter look.

After sporting his 90's curtains for the past few months, Beckham has now chopped off his long locks and switched them for a shorter, textured haircut.

We spoke to our man, barber Richard Tucker at Ruffians Shoreditch to get his thoughts on the new style and give you his advice on how to get the haircut.

Before we get to that, watch our video of the David Beckham inspired hairstyle.


Now over to you, Richard for more detail on how to get the cut..

How To Get David Beckham's New Shorter & Textured Haircut 2018 | David Beckham New Haircut

1. What is David Beckham's new haircut?

Farewell to his long locks! I’ve had a few gents taking the same plunge this year already too.

It’s not quite a crop or a pompadour, it’s something in between. Crops can be very short cuts with short texture on top and pompadours are mostly longer on top with a smooth comb finish.

Of course there’s so many variations of these cuts and it's normally best not to get bogged down in name's. But if I have to give this a name then for me it is a long textured cut with a fade on the back & sides.

Notice how the fade starts high from the front and drops to the back, creating a high to low fade contrast. This high drop fade is there to create a softer look at the back to support the longer textured look on top.

It's very important to make sure that your barber doesn’t cut it too high at the back! You may not see it but others will, and it won’t look great with the longer hair on top.

Also it’s all about the texture with this cut, even if David decides to wear this style shorter, flatter or with volume - it's important to create movement in the hair by creating shorter and longer lengths throughout.

His new cut: Long textured fade

How To Get David Beckham's New Shorter & Textured Haircut 2018 | David Beckham New Haircut



2. What to ask my barber for to get the David Beckham haircut

Ideally I would just show them a picture of the cut - it's always easier! Otherwise ask for the following -

The sides:

Getting faded. It looks like David has gone for a 0.5 or 1 fade. You want to get your barber to start high at the front and drop it down at the back, but not too low at the back.

Remember the reason for the drop is so it gradually turns into a low fade at the back and supports the longer hair on top, which will create a less harsh look from the back and side profile.

The top:

Let your barber become Edward Scissorhands at this point! (within reason of course).

If you want to get technical then techniques like peak & valley or cutting individual lengths of the hair will create movement & texture.

But to put it simpler, for David’s look make sure to ask your barber to keep it long on top and add plenty of texture throughout. You can also ask your barber to remove weight out of your hair if you struggle to get volume.

How To Get David Beckham's New Shorter & Textured Haircut 2018 | David Beckham New Haircut

3. How to style the David Beckham haircut?

There's so many ways to style this cut! Again, there can be different variations for this depending on what works best for you. But here's 3 options for you -

Option one: Wash hair, then add mousse and blow dry into desired shape with your hands or a brush. Finish with a matte clay or matte paste.

Option two: Do what David does and get a flight to Miami, swim in the sea and get that natural matte textured beach blown look! Or if you're not able to charter the private jet this weekend then just pick yourself up a Salt Spray. Add this to wet hair and then let it dry naturally or blow dry through. Salt spray is great for picking out texture in the hair for added definition.

Option three: When your hair is dry add a matte dust product (texture dust). These are great for adding a lot of volume and texture to the hair. Either leave natural or finish with a tiny bit of matte paste or matte clay if you feel you'd like some added hold.


We have a new Matte Clay coming soon! See our sample in action for the first time at the barbershop below.

Richard Tucker
Richard Tucker


Richard Tucker is a barber at Ruffians barbershop in Shoreditch. You can find him on Instagram @tuckercuts