How To Get Liam Gallagher's Hair Through Time

Liam Gallagher is one of the coolest men on the planet, and his hair follows suit. The former Oasis man has rocked different variations of classic mod haircuts throughout the years, but recently shaved it all off in favour of a buzzcut.

Here's 3 of our favourite Liam Gallagher haircuts throughout the years that you can get in 2017.


The buzzcut is once again back among the masses, and Liam Gallagher is one of those men who has decided to shave off his locks in favour of the easy to maintain buzzcut. A shaved head can obviously be done at home by yourself, but for optimum results we'd recommend visiting your barber for this one.

To get the Liam Gallagher look keep it one length all over (around a 1-2 grade), and go clean shaven.

Switch it up by keeping it slightly longer on top with a fade on the sides, and pair with some stubble or a beard to add more proportion to the face.

While your hair is short, it may seem easy to just leave it and not maintain at all, but make sure that you still give your hair & scalp plenty of conditioner to maintain hydration.

How To Get Liam Gallagher Haircut's Through Time | Mod Hair To Buzzcut | Caesar Haircut

Page Boy Mod Haircut

What do a page boy and rockstar have in common? This haircut. Who'd have thought that a haircut seen on Sunday in the church would be the hairstyle of choice for the mod trend, and not just seen but rocked by some of the coolest men around.

Yes, this hairstyle isn't for everybody, but if you have the confidence to rock it then this is one to stand out from the crowd.

For the Liam Gallagher look grow out the rest of your hair into essentially a bob hairstyle and have the fringe cut short and given plenty of texture throughout.

Who does this suit? Oval and oblong faces.

How To Get Liam Gallagher Haircut's Through Time | Mod Hair To Buzzcut | Caesar Haircut

Caesar Mod Haircut

One of the most on trend haircuts right now in different variations, the Caesar Mod haircut is one of the more iconic and easier to wear mod haircuts.

Liam Gallagher wore this cut with a choppy fringe, feathered top and longer sideburns, but you can switch this up with a straighter fringe without the sideburns or get it cut blunt into more of a crop style.

The most important part of a Caesar cut is plenty of texture throughout, make sure if you have really thick, straight hair to get your barber to add texture for a messier looking style. And finish off with a small amount of clay to add hold.

Who does this suit? Most head shapes. Be aware round face shapes, a fringe can make a round face look more circular.

How To Get Liam Gallagher Haircut's Through Time | Mod Hair To Buzzcut | Caesar Haircut