How To Get The New Aaron Ramsey Haircut 2018

We just saw on Instagram that Aaron Ramsey's barber, Darryn Pitman, has given him a new haircut just in time for his big game against Atletico Madrid.

We expect he'll be rocking it in the game, so we thought we'd give you the lowdown on what the new Aaron Ramsey haircut is and how you can achieve the hairstyle.

How To Get The New Aaron Ramsey Haircut 2018

What Is The New Aaron Ramsey Haircut?

The new Aaron Ramsey haircut is a short and textured choppy quiff with a mid skin fade on the back and sides. 

This new Aaron Ramsey hairstyle is very similar to David Beckham's cut from earlier in the year, but with a shorter and higher fade on the back & sides.

How To Get The New Aaron Ramsey Haircut 2018 

Photo and haircut - Instagram: @thedarrynpitman

How To Ask Your Barber For The Aaron Ramsey Haircut?

As always, we recommend just showing your barber a picture for the best chance of getting what you want (just save them from this post), but if not then ask for the following -

The sides:

It looks like Aaron Ramsey has gone for a mid to high skin fade on the back and sides.

His barber, Darryn Pitman, has kept the sides looking soft and clean as oppose to anything too harsh. This should help the hair to grow in a lot nicer and help you to not need a cut too quick.

The top:

The top is all about choppy texture. Ask your barber to add texture throughout your hair to give you the separated look of Aaron Ramsey's hair. Your barber will likely add texture with either a point cutting technique or texturising scissors.

Adding texture basically means that the hair will be cut to slightly different lengths throughout to give you that choppy look that Aaron Ramsey has, and is especially important for thicker hair to give it that look!

How To Get The New Aaron Ramsey Haircut 2018

Photo and haircut - Instagram: @thedarrynpitman

How To Style The Aaron Ramsey Haircut?

There's so many ways to style this cut, but the most important thing to get the Aaron Ramsey style is to make sure that the product(s) you use 1. Emphasises the texture in the hair and 2. Leaves the hair with a matte, natural finish.

But here's 3 options for you -

Option one: Wash hair, then add mousse and blow dry into desired shape with your hands or a brush. Finish with the Regal Gentleman Matte Clay or matte paste.

Option two: Pick yourself up a Salt Spray. Add this to wet hair and then let it dry naturally or blow dry through. Salt spray is great for picking out texture in the hair for added definition.

Option three: *RECOMMENDED* This is probably the most common method used by barbers for this style at the minute, and is highly likely what would have been used on Aaron Ramsey. When your hair is dry add a matte dust product (texture dust). These are great for adding a lot of volume and texture to the hair. Either leave there or for an added hold finish with a tiny bit of matte paste or Regal Gentleman Matte Clay.

But as we said there's so many different ways to style this hairstyle and any selection of pre styler (salt spray or mousse), texture dust, matte paste or clay and/or hairspray can work for you. As long as whatever you're using is giving you a matte finish, emphasising the added texture into your hair and giving you the hold level that you desire then you're onto a winner!

How To Get The New Aaron Ramsey Haircut 2018

Photo and haircut - Instagram: @thedarrynpitman