How To Get The Peaky Blinders Haircuts

The Shelby brothers are taking over our screens again in the Peaky Blinders. But we're not just big fans of the show, we're also huge fans of the style & hair cuts of all involved.

Of course these hairstyles are from the 1920's, but in 2018 these hairstyles have just as much fashion appeal as they did back then. Here's how you can get the look of the brothers, by order of The Peaky Blinders.

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1. How to get the Tommy Shelby haircut

2. How to get the Arthur Shelby haircut

3. How to get the Michael Gray Peaky Blinders haircut

4. How to get the John Shelby Peaky Blinders haircut

How To Get the Tommy Shelby Peaky Blinders Haircut


What is the Tommy Shelby haircut called?

The Tommy Shelby haircut is an undercut with a short back & sides. It's around a number 1-2 on back and sides kept high & tight, short but not a zero like some of the other Peaky cuts. You want to leave plenty of length on top, with more length in the fringe to sweep the hair across. 

What to ask your barber for to get the Tommy Shelby haircut?

If you're in the UK, just ask for the Thomas Shelby hairstyle. Most barbers will know what this is! Or show your barber a picture of the cut, there's no point bogging yourself down in the technical terms unless you really want to!

One thing to note - if you're not sure you want to keep your fringe down all the time, then tell your barber so that they know to keep the cut pretty even, so that you can push the hair back. 

Styling the Cillian Murphy Hairstyle

To get the leader of the Peaky Blinders hairstyle you want to use a product that gives texture to the hair with a matte finish, but also with a touch of moldability. To finish use a matte finish product like the Regal Gentleman Matte Clay This allows you to play with the style throughout the day without having a stiff hold, just like Tommy Shelby.


How To Get the Arthur Shelby Peaky Blinders Haircut


What is the Arthur Shelby haircut called?

The Arthur Shelby haircut is a disconnected undercut with lots of length on top, and a swept back style. You want to keep the top very long for this style, and the back and sides short at between a 0-2, depending on how harsh you want the cut to be!

Styling the Arthur Shelby Hairstyle

Now for the crazy brother, Arthur! The slick back look is as ever present today as it was back in the 20's. For this style you need something that gives more of a wet look and allows you to separate thicker hair as you slick it back with a comb or brush. Use a water based pomade like the Regal Gentleman Pomade (get early access) is perfect to give you the Arthur Shelby look.

Arthur Shelby Haircut | Peaky Blinders Haircut

 Photo from Instagram - @nomadbarberldn

How To Get The Michael Gray Peaky Blinders Haircut


What is the Michael Gray haircut called?

The man who seems to have risen above Shelby brothers John & Arthur in the pecking order, is sporting a classic 20's-30's side parting haircut. This is the one that all of the movie stars of this generation would have been rocking, a la Clark Gable and Cary Grant.

What to ask your barber for?

We sound like a broken record, but just show your barber a picture of the haircut. A side parting can have many different variations so it's always best to show the picture. If you do want to be more technical however specify that this is a classic 20's/30's style side parting, which will rule out any chance of a zero on the sides or any fades. You want to keep plenty of length on top and through the sides and have it scissor cut all over, with the length around the ears tapered.

Styling the Michael Gray Hairstyle

For the classic Michael Gray side parting style use a medium to high pomade, like the Regal Gentleman Pomade (coming soon) and comb. Find your parting and blow dry the side of the hair downwards to separate the parting. Then use a pomade to add some classic shine to the cut.

How To Get The Michael Gray Peaky Blinders Haircut | Michael Gray HairPhoto from Instagram - @adamoc_hair

How To Get The John Shelby Peaky Blinders Haircut


What is the John Shelby Peaky Blinders haircut called?

John Shelby's hairstyle has changed throughout the show as he has matured into one of the leaders of The Peaky Blinders gang, but the one we like best is his crop undercut from the first season. Shorter on the top than Tommy's and in more of a crop style than swept across. You want to keep this very short on the back and sides, between a 0-1.

Styling the John Shelby Hairstyle

The younger of the 3 brothers here, the John Shelby hairstyle is a lot easier to style. Being shorter on top, you don't have much to play with. Dependent on how short you go on top, you could potentially get away with no styling product and just use a pre styler, like texture powder, to add some texture. But if you do want some added hold and texture then use a matte clay like the Regal Gentleman Matte Clay to finish.

How To Get The John Shelby Peaky Blinders Haircut | John Shelby Hair

Photo from Instagram - @nomadbarberldn

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