Ted's Grooming Room - Haircut, Beard Trim & Ear Flaming At A London Turkish Barbers

We recently visited Ted's Grooming Room on Mortimer Street, London (near Oxford Circus). Ted's is a Ted Baker brand, and is a traditional Turkish barbers. It's a barbers that we have visited before, but this time we decided to take the camera down to film Josh get his haircut & beard trimmed.



Josh received The Full Ted Service (£48.50), which is rather steep in price for every single time you need to get your mane trimmed, but for the experience once in a blue moon or for special occasions it certainly is worth the money. A hair wash, haircut, beard trim or shave, ear flaming (video below - it removes hairs on the ear!!), massage, hot towel treatment and everything else in between.



Most importantly, the haircut Josh received was a top quality cut and at £28.50 for a haircut (called Cut a Long Story Short on their website), it fits in around the average London haircut price for a good cut, which is probably between £20-30.


Ted's Grooming Room - Men's Short Fade Side Parting Haircut, Beard Trim & Ear Flaming At A London Turkish Barbers


One thing you can guarantee with the Ted's Grooming Full Service is that you will come out feeling relaxed!

For Josh's cut it's a side parting fade haircut, with just an inch or so cut off the top. Josh goes for more of a natural look on top, with low shine. Best styled with a Clay product.