How To Get The Cody Garbrandt Hairstyle

Recently we've noticed a lot of people searching what is the Cody Garbrandt haircut? or how do I get the Cody Garbrandt hairstyle? So we thought we'd make this into a blog post for you so that you can get the No Love style!

To do this we decided to reach out to Cody's barber Jose Javier Vazquez (@javthebarber on Instagram). Jav is a barber in Cleveland and has been cutting hair for over 15 years, he's been cutting Cody's hair since his amateur MMA days! So who better to ask about how to get Cody's cut.

How To Get The Cody Garbrandt Hairstyle | What Is The Cody Garbrandt haircut

Photo: Instagram @javthebarber

What should you ask your barber for?

As always with haircuts it's normally better, if you're not sure of the technical stuff, to just show your barber a picture. We've all been there trying to be technical saying 2 inches off the top or a number 2 on the back and sides, not knowing how short this actually is. So as a top tip always just find a good clear picture of the cut, and show it to your barber! If you do want to be technical however you want a hard part with a zero fade and a few inches left on top.

Jav says - "The best way is definitely to show a pic or ask the barber for a drop fade or low fade."

How To Get The Cody Garbrandt Hairstyle | What Is The Cody Garbrandt haircut

Photo: Instagram @jason_theartist

Will this cut suit me?

Certain cuts suit certain head shapes, and sometimes that means that a cut will not always suit you! The Cody Garbrandt haircut is a pretty simple cut and therefore won't be too bad for most head shapes. Ask your barber if they think the cut will suit you, if it's a pretty big change from your normal cut! Most barbers will be aware of what cuts should suit you. Or if worst comes to worst just try it. You'll never know unless you try! Just be mindful of not trying something too dramatic before a special occasion if it may not suit you, e.g. a wedding.

Jav says - "This fade is suitable for a lot of head shapes because it has a lot of contrast, but I would recommend it for square, a diamond and the heart shape face."

How To Get The Cody Garbrandt Hairstyle | What Is The Cody Garbrandt haircut

Photo: Instagram @javthebarber

What product to use for the Cody Garbrandt hairstyle?

For the Cody Garbrandt hairstyle you want to use something that gives a strong hold, with a nice shine to add the finishing touches! A pomade is the best for styling the Cody Garbrandt style. 

Jav says - "I use a pomade that has a soft flexible hold with a semi shine finish."

Use a medium to high shine pomade like the Regal Gentleman Pomade (coming soon).

What about Cody's beard?

Cody has a very well maintained beard and Jav is also responsible for shaping and trimming this. For best results you want the transition between beard and hair to be seamless and be blended in.

Jav says - "The beard defines the haircut a lot, because I blend the beard right into the fade. Definition of the sharp lines is what makes the haircut stand out."

If you want to read more about taking care of your beard, read our post How to get your beard well groomed like Conor McGregor's.

How To Get The Cody Garbrandt Hairstyle | Side Parting Haircut

A huge thanks to Jav for getting involved in this with us. Go give him a follow, gents!! @javthebarber

If you're in the Cleveland area, then you're lucky enough to not need any of this advice, and can just go straight to Jav, so be sure to hit him up! You can book a cut with Jav here.