The Gentleman Diaries - Q&A With @Gallucks

We're back with The Gentleman Diaries, our post where we interview gents from Instagram to give you their style & grooming advice. With an all important question at the end about the true meaning of being a gentleman!

If you haven't seen The Gentleman Diaries before, then catch up with our Q&A's with Oliver Proudlock & Lasse Matberg.

For this edition we caught up with Joel Mcloughlin aka @gallucks. Here's what Joel had to say when we caught up with him. Thanks, sir!!


Gallucks - Men's Style | Men's Fashion 2017


1. Tell us a bit about yourself..

I'm a Blogger & YouTuber living in Central London, I focus on my own personal style but this year I've been able to branch out into things like travel too. I went from being an assistant stylist for musicians and TV shows to working at Mr. Porter, to now running my blog and YouTube channel full time.


Gallucks - Men's Style | Men's Fashion 2017


2. Where do you get your style inspiration from?

My inspirations come from everywhere, from friends, street style, brands and architecture/design. I mainly browse my explore feed on Instagram or get lost in street style online.


Gallucks - Men's Style | Men's Fashion 2017


3. What trends are you hitting hard right now?

Some trends that I'm loving at the moment are things like embroidery and velvet.


Gallucks - Men's Style | Men's Fashion 2017


4. What is your number one style tip?

If you like it, then wear it.


Gallucks - Men's Style | Men's Fashion 2017


5. Who is your grooming / style icon?

I genuinely can't pinpoint one person that I can say that I love their style 100. I like how Kanye West and Justin Bieber dress, but it's because they're in to what I'm in to. Grooming wise I think Ezra Miller always looks great.


Gallucks - Men's Style | Men's Fashion 2017

Photo credit - Instagram @imezramiller


6. What is one grooming product you can't live without?

I use hairspray everyday without fail.


Gallucks - Men's Style | Men's Fashion 2017


7. And finally, what do you think it means to be a gentleman?

I think being a gentleman means being a nice person in general. Being thoughtful towards others, offering your seat to the elderly on the tube, holding doors open for people. Just those little things that set you apart from the rest!


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