How To Get Justin Timberlake's New Buzz Cut Haircut 2018

How To Get Justin Timberlake's New Buzz Cut Haircut 2018

With a lot of men in 2017 growing their hair out, in 2018 we will likely see a lot of those guys deciding to get rid as we get into the warmer Spring & Summer months.

We could see gents switching those long locks for shorter, textured cuts with a lot less maintenance required, or even going full buzz a la Justin Timberlake.

Justin Timberlake is a man who has had many haircuts over the years.

Some good, and some bad.

Mentioning no particular cuts, Justin.

But Justin Timberlake's latest haircut is one that's simple, with ultra low maintenance.

So what is it? And how can you get it?

What is Justin Timberlake's new haircut?

The Justin Timberlake 2018 haircut is a buzz cut / induction cut.

For those of you who have been in the armed forces or marines, this is often the standard cut you'll be given.

How To Get Justin Timberlake's New Buzz Cut Haircut 2018

What to ask your barber for?

As always, the best way to get what you want is to show your barber a picture of Justin's cut before you get your hair cut.

A buzz cut can take different forms so it's best to ensure that you and your barber are on the same wavelength.

However, if you do want to be technical then it appears that when Justin Timberlake has his hair at it's freshest, he has a 0.5 on the back & sides kept very high & tight and then faded into a number 1 ultra high on the sides, blended into the 1 on top.

You can always go for the traditional buzz cut however, and just buzz the same length all over.

He also appears to have his hairline on the sides razored into shape to keep it looking fresh, while keeping the hairline at the front / top kept natural.

Sometimes when shaving Caucasian hairlines it can look very forced and unnatural, so be sure to keep the top looking natural.

How To Get Justin Timberlake's New Buzz Cut Haircut 2018

How often will I need to get it cut?

To keep it looking ultra fresh you will need it cut every 1-2 weeks, but if you don't mind it growing out then you could easily get away with 4-6 weeks.

As we mentioned in How often you should get a haircut, your hair on average grows 0.5 inches per month (a number 4). So, by the end of 4 weeks you'll still likely only have, at most, a number 5.

How to style the Justin Timberlake haircut?

The Justin Timberlake buzz cut is ultra low maintenance and will require almost no styling at all. Just keep your hair and scalp healthy & clean, and give it a quick dry and you're good to go.