How To Get The Gordon Hayward Haircut

 Now that we're in the full swing of things with our haircut blog posts & videos we've had a lot of requests recently for how to get specific celebrities cuts; none more so than this man.

Gordon Hayward is well known for not only his basketball ability, but for his perfectly styled haircut. However, at the time of writing this it appeared that he has switched up his cut to a brand new hairstyle. So instead of bringing you just one Gordon Hayward cut, we're going to bring you 2! We reached out to both Gordon's former barber in Utah and his new barber in Boston to get their comments on how you can get both his new & previous cuts.

Here's the lowdown on the well known "Gordon Hayward haircut" from his barber in Utah, Anthony Brown..

Gordon Hayward Haircut | What Is It? How To Get Hairstyle

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What is the classic Gordon Hayward haircut?

The Gordon cut is essentially a disconnected pompadour. One side of the head has a hard disconnect and transitions into a blend on the opposite side of the head. For Gordon, we also razored in a hard part line.

What to ask your barber for?

The ideal length for this cut is 3-5 inches in the fringe area, getting shorter towards the back of the head. The sides were done as a medium fade, number 1-2.

Be sure to determine which way the hair likes to go most naturally - right or left. Your whorl (crown) is a big factor as well. Depending where it is on your head, will determine where you transition the disconnect into a blend as well as the direction you will style your hair.

You want to ask your barber to add texture to this haircut as this will make it easier when styling yourself.

Gordon Hayward Haircut | What Is It? How To Get Hairstyle

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How to style the Gordon Hayward haircut

1. Add a pea size amount of product to slightly damp hair working it all way through to the scalp for support.

2. Blow dry the hair using a brush to lift the hair for volume. Blow drying the hair in to the desired style gives it strength and longevity.

3. Once dry - use another small amount of product to finalize the hair. Use a medium to high shine pomade like the Regal Gentleman Vintage Pomade to style (get exclusive access now). Manipulate the product in to the hair as evenly as you can. Then style with your hands. You should see that the hair goes right back into place after setting the style with the blow dryer.

Anything else people should be aware of?

A lot of how this cut turns out is professional discretion and experience. If not done right, you will have to fight your hair to get it into the style. Especially if areas get cut too short or it's not proportionate.

Gordon Hayward's New Haircut

And well that's not all - as we mentioned above, Gordon Hayward has switched up his style slightly now that he is in Boston. New team, new haircut!

So we asked the guys who cut his hair at Boston Barber Tattoo Co to let us know how he's switched it up..

Gordon Hayward Haircut | What Is It? How To Get Hairstyle

Photo Credit - @rizthabarber Instagram

What is the new Gordon Hayward haircut?

Gordon went with the slick back rather than the hard part to the side.

It's a skin taper on the neck & a zero taper on the sides to connect with the beard. The taper is a little higher than your average taper - almost blending in to a number 3 fade, to allow some volume higher up on the head. This will make sure the longer top has a foundation to lay down on for support. It was blow dryed up with that extra length in the front to create more height. 

RG Tip - As we always say, rather than worry yourself with the technical terms, ALWAYS show your barber a clear picture of the cut.

How to style the new Gordon Hayward haircut?

Gordon wanted a strong product so we used a strong wax/pomade with a matte finish, but that's not always the right product for this style. Everyone's hair & needs are different! If you want to replicate the Gordon Hayward haircut, use a low shine paste like the Regal Gentleman Texture Paste (get exclusive access now).

Thanks to both Anthony Brown and the guys down at Boston Barber Tattoo Co. If you're in Utah or Boston then check them both out!