How To Get The Josh Brolin Cable Haircut From Deadpool 2

Josh Brolin is bringing the undercut back!

Just like we said in our Summer 2018 Trends Guide, after being big a few years back with it's harsher variation, the undercut is now back in a softer and more natural style for 2018.

And it is Deadpool's nemesis that is showing it off in the mainstream.with his faded undercut in the new, aptly named, Deadpool 2 movie.

So here's how to get the Josh Brolin Cable haircut from Deadpool 2.

Josh Brolin Cable Haircut Deadpool 2

What is the Cable Haircut?

 The Josh Brolin Cable haircut is a swept back undercut with a slight side part.

In some pictures it looks slightly longer than in others on the back and sides, but it's always kept to around a zero to 1 fade on the back & sides taken high and tight.

Josh Brolin Cable Haircut Deadpool 2

How to ask your barber for the Cable haircut

Show your barber a picture, it's by far the easiest way!

But, if you do want to know the technical terms then ask your barber for between a zero and 1 fade on the back & sides kept high and tight (depending on how short you want to go), with around 3-4 inches left on top. Make sure you tell them that you want it in an undercut style.

It's very similar to the Brad Pitt Fury haircut except for it has been paired with a softer fade and is less harsh on the back and sides and is also styled with a more natural, lower shine look on top. This undercut looks likes it has been done in a barbershop as oppose to say the early season Peaky Blinders undercuts, which looks like they had been done at home. We expect to see a lot more undercuts worn softer like this in 2018 as men don't want to go as harsh and slicked as the undercuts from a few years ago.

Josh Brolin Cable Haircut Deadpool 2

How to style the Cable Deadpool haircut

The Josh Brolin Cable haircut looks like it has been styled with a lower shine product than say the Brad Pitt Fury haircut. We would recommend looking for a low - medium shine pomade or paste to keep the hair looking more natural, like the Regal Gentleman Texture Paste (coming soon - get exclusive access now).

It then looks like it may have been finished with a hairspray to give it added hold, but no extra shine.

Josh Brolin Cable Haircut Deadpool 2