Conor McGregor Hair - What is the haircut? How to style?

May 11, 2017

Conor McGregor is the man no doubt about it - and whether or not you like all the bravado before his fights, he is a true fighter and champion. Let's just hope the Mayweather fight does happen!

One thing that's often not talked about him, as much as it possibly should be, is his style. So that's why we thought you'd show you how to get the Conor McGregor haircut.


Conor McGregor Hair - What is the haircut? How to style?

(Photo & haircut by @craig_nolan_hair)


What is the Conor McGregor hairstyle?

Conor McGregor right now pretty much always has his hair cut in one of two ways. Either 1. in a smart side parting style (sometimes without the parting showing), 2. a buzz cut. He always keeps the back & sides short, and normally with a high and tight zero fade. 

What should I ask my barber for?

1. Zero fade side parting

Ask your barber for a side parting with a zero fade on the back & sides, or a bit longer 1-2 if you don't want to go as short as Conor. Keep the top short too, around 2 inches. You want there to be enough to push the fringe back or to the side. You can also add a hard part (when the parting is shaved in with a razor, see video at bottom of page) to give more shape to the side parting.



2. Buzz cut

Ask for a clipper grade 1 or 2 all over. Very simple cut with no maintenance needed at all!

Remember if you're ever in doubt about what to ask for then just show a picture of the cut!!


How to style the Conor McGregor haircut

If you're going for the buzzcut then you're in luck, you won't need to do much styling at all! Just go natural with it. But if you're going for a side parting then we would suggest using a pomade like Suavecito Original Pomade. You want a product with a nice shine and a good hold to keep your hair in place!


And what about the Conor McGregor beard style?

The beard is kept to a medium length, with a messier rugged look to it. Although it still does look well maintained and trimmed, it's not as groomed as a lot of beards you'll see! The cheeks appear to be faded out to give more definition to the fade of the haircut. 




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